Some Of My Stuff...

My Redneck Engineering chopper that
my brother Bear and I built 
in April and May '05...
124" S&S engine, 6-speed Baker trans,
10" rear spoke wheel, 12" rear tire,
3" BDL belt drive,
West Coast Chopper pipes
Paint by friend Glenn Marsolek and me
Seat by friend John Zechbauer
Striping by Lennie - Krazy Kolors
Sold to my grandson, Joel in February, 2021.

Bear (left) and I building at Bear's Place Motorcycle Shop
 in St Paul.

'96 Fleetwood - LT1 engine, lowered, Supremes
purchased August '05

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'77 Seville - lowered, blacked out, purchased California, January '91

I am redoing the '40 Chev this winter.
Several body changes and updates.
It will be at the Nationals this summer.

The plan is to do this convert next,
 when the '40 is finished.
Chopped a couple inches
and I my first section job.

This one is going to the strip more this summer.
It's running pretty good now.
Grandson Joel and I are gonna have some fun!!!

Moving day -
V   February 1st, 2021   V

Joel's friend, Jimmy, Bradmo, Joel

V     Out riding - March 5, 2021     V