Building My '03 Kenworth W900B,
 430hp C-12 Caterpillar, 8LL trans

Picking KW up at Rihm KW - December 19, '02

Laying out and taping off the flames - December 20, '02

Spraying the flames - Glenn Marsolek - Dec 21, '02

Done - Dec 24, '02

January 13, '03

January 14, '03

January 15, '03

January 16, '03

January 17, '03

Foreman - J.R.

The installers - Chad & Monte

Installing the 2 lift axles...

The box is on - Jan 31, '03

Ready to go home Feb 4, '03...

Installing the custom polished stainless steel grille - April 27, '03

Installing the custom polished stainless steel light bar with 15 randomly flashing LED lights - May 24, '04

I sand and polish (with Busch polish) the box every spring, and then touch it up over the season as needed...
Takes about 60 hours. 

I've added many extra LED marker lights which are
programmed to flash randomly when switched to flash...

I ordered my KW from Rihm Kenworth in St Paul in July '02. It was delivered in October, but I had no place to keep it, so Rihm kept it there until I was ready...

I had the box built by Midland Equipment, Lakeville...

April 2010 - Change the headlights to old-style, pre'82?  I like it!!

Cut the fenders to fit the pre-'82 assemblies - available from Kenworth cheaper than the internet!!

A little body work, a little paint...
Voila!!  A new/old look!!

The flames needed a little more color so  I added some orange and green in Sept '05

Time to retire, so my truck was sold

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